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Two experts, fechnerMEDIA, an award-winning German documentary production company, and Silver Reel, a leading international production company from Switzerland, join forces to ensure the highest quality standards for both the documentary and fictional parts of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD.

fechnerMEDIA - Pioneers of Sustainable Action

With over 30 years of experience and more than 80 inspiring cinema and TV documentaries, fechnerMEDIA GmbH stands as one of the most renowned sustainable production companies in Germany. Our portfolio includes successful cinema documentaries like POWER TO CHANGE, THE 4TH REVOLUTION, and CLIMATE WARRIORS (reaching 15 million viewers in 38 countries, translated into 29 languages). All our films have been accompanied by international impact campaigns, bringing people together in innovative ways, such as our POWER TO CHANGE screenings in 450 cities in Germany and 110 cities in France, or CLIMATE WARRIORS workshops in schools and universities in Israel and the USA.




Silver Reel

Since its foundation in 2009, Silver Reel has developed, financed, and produced over 40 feature films worldwide. These include the Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning drama THE WIFE (directed by Björn Runge), the Oscar-nominated animated film LOVING VINCENT, and PARADISE HIGHWAY starring Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freeman. Silver Reel’s show MOST DANGEROUS GAME received two Emmy nominations.

A Special Duo

The experienced producer and director Carl-A. Fechner (*1953) and the award-winning director Johanna Jaurich (*1994) not only bring together a male and female perspective but also the perspectives of two different generations. In THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, they pursue their shared passion for telling emotional and constructive stories about inspiring sustainability pioneers as a team of co-directors.

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The Team

Behind The Scenes

Join us in our ‚Behind The Scenes‘ videos on our worldwide adventures during the filming of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD! Get exciting insights behind the scenes and experience up close how we capture groundbreaking projects on camera.

The future is not out there in front of us, but inside us.

Joanna Macy


Green Shooting

Green Shooting brings environmentally friendly practices to the film industry. We know all the tricks for greater energy efficiency, have a passion for durable equipment, use renewable energy sources, and ensure a high level of environmental awareness on our film sets. Our mission? To make sustainable practices the new standard in the film industry – all while creating breathtaking films!

The Media and Film Society of Baden-Württemberg (MFG) is our faithful companion on this ecological adventure. With initiatives like ‚Green Shooting‘ and ‚Green Motion,‘ the MFG has been a pioneer in eco-friendly filmmaking for years. Their wealth of experience in sustainable production methods is invaluable for the environmentally sustainable production of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD – and ensures that we stay on course!

Walking on New Paths Together

Our partnership with Klimaschutzunternehmen e.V.

In our mission to decarbonise the economy, it is essential to integrate comprehensive knowledge and diverse expertise in climate protection and energy efficiency. The association Klimaschutzunternehmen e.V. has launched a partnership program that brings together companies with special expertise in renewable energies and CO2 reductions. As filmmakers with an activist background, we at fechnerMEDIA showcase the way to a socially and ecologically sustainable future through flagship projects. Our participation in the partnership program allows us to benefit from a collective exchange of best practices and stay informed about new developments. In this movement, we see ourselves as part of a network of companies exploring new paths in solidarity.