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THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD takes you on a journey into a sustainable future

Immerse yourself in THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, a captivating journey into a sustainable and just future! As passionate storytellers, we present you with groundbreaking projects in a unique cinematic experience. Discover a new world where fiction and reality merge, and let yourself be inspired at the Impact Festivals to change habits and actively contribute to a sustainable future.

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The best of fiction and documentary

Experience THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, an exhilarating blend of fiction and documentary that combines entertainment with real impact. Set within a fictional family drama, the film showcases documentary solutions for systemic changes to some of our most pressing challenges through concrete projects and inspiring individuals from around the world – from education, nutrition, mobility, and urban planning to the transformative power of the human spirit.

Impact measurement: Sustainability in focus

To ensure that the positive impact of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD is quantifiable, we closely collaborate with esteemed partners to develop and execute our impact measurement strategy. In addition to film screenings and accompanying Impact Festivals, we raise awareness for the path towards a sustainable future among people through educational campaigns at schools and universities, as well as our global social media community. We look forward to presenting further details on the specific methods of impact measurement soon.

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The topics that inspire us

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the foundation for protecting natural resources, soil health, biodiversity, food security, and climate protection.

Shift in awareness

Shift in awareness

A new, mindful approach to nature requires us first to understand and feel our connection to it.

Circular economy

Circular economy

Transitioning to a circular economy introduces a new approach to resource management, reducing waste and relieving ecosystems by closing material loops.

Mobility transformation

Mobility transformation

The sustainable mobility concepts of the future are accessible to all, consider a healthy environment, and create a higher quality of life.

Economic transformation

Economic transformation

A comprehensive economic transformation offers the opportunity to replace our current destructive model with a new one prioritising ecological balance and social well-being.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

The energy supply of the future draws from numerous renewable energy sources that are in harmony with our environment.

"People know more about the dramas of this world than about their solutions. We want to change that!"

Carl-A. Fechner, Co-Director

The impact festivals

Join sustainable movements in your neighbourhood

THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD is not just about an inspiring film experience but also about concrete actions on-site. Our Impact Festivals connect you directly with dedicated people from your neighbourhood who are already actively advocating for matters close to your heart. Dive into a vibrant community and join them to take action together!

Discover the diversity of initiatives

At our Impact Festivals, you can explore a wide range of initiatives, NGOs, and associations from your neighbourhood that will answer all your questions. From permaculture to solidarity agriculture, from zero waste to degrowth associations – discover the diversity of projects and find out which one suits you best. Become part of an active community that works together for a better future!

Behind the scenes

Join us on our global adventures during the filming of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD! Get exciting sneak peeks behind the scenes and meet the whole film crew!

Green Shooting

Green Shooting brings environmentally friendly practices to the film industry. We know all the tricks for greater energy efficiency, have a penchant for durable equipment, use renewable energy sources, and ensure high environmental awareness on our film sets. Our mission? To make sustainable practices the new standard in the film industry – all while creating breathtaking films!

The Media and Film Society of Baden-Württemberg (MFG) is our loyal companion on this ecological adventure. With initiatives like ‚Green Shooting‘ and ‚Green Motion‘, MFG has been a pioneer in environmentally friendly filming for years. Their wealth of experience in sustainable production methods is invaluable for the eco-friendly production of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD – and ensures that we stay on course!